• Nová Ekonomika

Nová ekonomika is a non-profit organization which seeks and promotes innovative economic tools that emphasize social and environmental goals and at the same time provide a profit. It is based on the belief that the prosperity of the society is based on a complexity of three pillars - economic prosperity, environmental awareness and social equity.

Our current main objective is a development and implementation of responsible public procurement in the Czech Republic, which is based on strategic thinking, responsible investment of public funds and a real partnership of private and public sector. Nová ekonomika is leading a project focused on development of responsible procurement in the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to support Czech municipalities and institutions in effective application of all aspects and opportunities available within public procurement. While respecting the best price criteria other strategic topics and goals could also be taken into account. The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund via Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme and from the state budget of the Czech Republic and it lasts twenty-two months (December 2012 – September 2014). It provides eight Czech municipalities and institutions with foreign inspiration (visit to Great Britain, meeting with British counterparts, cooperation for the project time period); consulting in strategy planning (individual consultations, workshops); support during public procurement preparatory work (cooperation and completing public procurement with lawyer).   

Other projects: Contact organization for Erasmus for young entrepreneurs in the Czech Rep. 

Former projects: Tessea (Thematic network for social economy) and project H/R/D/I lead by Nový prostor (NNO) focusing on social economy, diversity management and public procurement.

Contact details: 

Leona Gergelová Šteigrová, Director

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